Weekend check-in time
Hotel Boven Groningen

Weekend check-in time

Dear Guest,

During the weekend the time to check in to your room is 16.00 hour. We appreciate to know when to expect you, so please let us know. 

Tel: +31 (0)596 618 771

E-mail: info@bovengroningen.com

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Welcome to Hotel Boven Groningen

Hotel Boven Groningen (formerly Du Bastion) in Delfzijl provides 60 comfortable rooms with en suite bath or shower, toilet, television and telephone. All rooms have a free WiFi connection.
The hotel also has an excellent restaurant, a cosy bar and friendly, helpful personnel.

The central location of hotel-restaurant Boven Groningen is perfect for taking in Delfzijl and the surrounding area. Delfzijl is part of the 180-kilometre international Dollard cycle route. Hotel-restaurant Boven Groningen is right next to a shopping centre, and a five-minute walk from a small local beach. The busy Delfzijl seaport area is about 500 metres from the beach.

There's plenty to see in the area. The tiny picturesque fishing village of Termunterzijl is a good example. It will come as no surprise to hear that this is where the ‘Belgian Agatha Christie’ Georges Simenon wrote his first Maigret novel in 1929. At the time, Simenon was staying in Boven Groningen. A statue of the French detective Maigret now looks out across the small Damsterdiep canal.

The annual Whitsun festival in Delfzijl has been attracting crowds from far and wide for over 120 years. Not to mention the international sailing and rowing races, a funfair and countless other traditional and cultural festivities held on and around the dyke. The museum/aquarium (Muzeeaquarium) in Delfzijl is well worth a visit. It is currently under renovation and will re-open on 1 June.

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