Weekend check-in time
Hotel Boven Groningen

Weekend check-in time

Dear Guest,

We are happy with your stay at our hotel. It's important to know that we are closing at 22.00 o'clock in the evening. If you think you'll arrive later than 22.00 o'clock, please let us know by phone or mail. It's possible to check in around 16.00 in the afternoon.


Tel: +31 (0)596 618 771

E-mail: info@bovengroningen.com

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Welcome to Hotel Boven Groningen


Located in Delfzijl, opposite the station, is Hotel Boven Groningen, with more than 60 simple and comfortable rooms. The rooms are equipped with a bath or shower, a television, toilet and free WiFi. You can have lunch with us from 12:00 and dine with us from 18:00 in our attractive restaurant. At the bar you can enjoy a brewed beer from Hertog Jan or Jupiler. Of course we have many more beers and drinks for you to enjoy!

Delfzijl has a central location, which offers various opportunities to discover things, such as the harbor, the center and various cafes. If you stay at Hotel Boven Groningen, you can also view various brochures and posters to see what events and outings are available in the Eemsdelta area.

At Hotel Boven Groningen:

- you can park for free
- use the laundry service
- and it is possible to bring a pet