Weekend check-in time
Hotel Boven Groningen

Weekend check-in time

Dear Guest,

During the weekend the time to check in to your room is 16.00 hour. We appreciate to know when to expect you, so please let us know. 

Tel: +31 (0)596 618 771

E-mail: info@bovengroningen.com

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Hotel Boven Groningen
Waterstraat 74-78
9934 AX Delfzijl

Tel: +31 (0) 596 618 771
E-mail: info@bovengroningen.com

  1. We will send a reply to this email address.
  2. We will use your telephone number if we need to contact you about your question.
  3. We only use your personal data for answering your question and will not use this information for anything else.